IoT Solutions for Automotive


The IoT is facilitating devices to communicate with each other and making the lives of users easier. IoT is impacting our lives and causing many sectors to enter a transformation process. The term “Automotive IoT” refers to embedding IoT technologies into automotive systems to build new applications and solutions. These applications make the vehicles smarter and more intelligent, facilitating safe, efficient, and comfortable driving. As the IoT technology is evolving, it is being used everywhere from home security to the automobile sector. It is used in the automotive sector to create innovative and advanced solutions, such as connected car solutions, ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems), in-vehicle infotainment systems, navigation solutions, predictive maintenance solutions, Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) applications, Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) applications, and so on.

Our Automotive IoT Solutions

  • Remote Vehicle Monitoring: As a part of our automotive IoT services, we help to optimize your fleet operations, reduce cost, and improve utilization. We build robust, integrated, and intelligent remote vehicle tracking and monitoring systems to deliver insightful KPI & analytics.
  • School Bus Tracking: School bus tracking system ensures safe driving compliance, along with giving assurance that students are safe even outside the school boundaries. Our reliable school bus tracking applications provide customized alerts, camera surveillance, and real-time notification. We provide end-to-end services and ensure that you utilise our school bus GPS tracker in the most optimal manner, along with maintaining student safety.
  • Smart Transportation: With our smart transportation services, we are making driving more safer. Our smart transportation services include vehicle to vehicle communication, vehicle tracking systems, public transport management, and traffic management. Smart transportation facilitates fast transmission of data and increases response time of the driver through enhanced vehicle communication.
  • Smart Fleet Management: With a reliable fleet management system, you can rapidly increase the potential of your business. We help the businesses to save the money by maximizing the efficiency of their equipment, thereby increasing the productivity of their fleet. Our real time GPS fleet tracking system helps you to monitor and protect your fleet irrespective of no. of vehicles in your fleet. We provide several advanced features, such as fleet lock, live alerts,control fleet operations, manage fleets, and so on in our fleet management system.