Manual QA Testing


The systems and applications are becoming more advanced and complex and due to that enterprises come across unique challenges in achieving the perfect quality for software. Along with that, today’s development environment characterizes the frequent releases and rapid delivery expectations. As a result of which, businesses require reliable testing processes and technology experience, and effective functional testing. While automation testing adds value with the benefits of precision, time savings, repeatability, and reusability, manual testing is still an inevitable component of any functional testing process. Manual testing helps in identification of the most critical defects in an application, with instincts, logical reasoning, and inferences that only humans possess. Being the top Quality Assurance company, CycloneWebz offers a unique blend of testing tools, processes, and technology expertise to ensure that a flawless product is delivered in an accelerated time frame. Our most flexible and cost-effective manual testing methods facilitates us to deliver quality software. We also implement Automated Testing in combination with Manual Testing to deliver the best test results at any phase of the software development life cycle. Our testing services start from requirement analysis and test plan preparation. When the case is designed, our experts execute the test case and compare the actual results with the expected results. Our testers track and report the entire bugs, errors, and defects in the application and at the same time, we initiate the defect removal procedures and keep updating the client on their status until the case is closed satisfactorily. During all these processes, we provide extensive and detailed testing status reports, including elements such as test reports, bug reports and documentation. We are committed to stick to the best testing standards and practices.

Our Manual Testing Services

  • UI/UX Testing: We deliver comprehensive UI/UX testing services for websites, mobile apps, web apps, and cloud applications. Our usability testing experts focus on improving user interface & experience and delivering superior performance and test the input controls, informational components, and navigational elements.
  • Cross-browser Testing: Our cross-browser testing services include comparing and analyzing the behavior of your website or software in different browser environments. We ensure that your website delivers an optimal user experience, independent of the browser used to access it.
  • Configuration Testing: Our testing experts perform the configuration testing to ensure that the product satisfies configurability requirements, determine optimal configuration settings, and test the software performance by changing hardware configuration.
  • Compatibility Testing: Our testing experts have an excellent understanding of the latest compatibility testing tools. We make sure that the developed software or application works seamlessly across different user & client systems, devices, browsers, and operating systems. We work in a substantial compatibility testing process covering the latest operating systems, peripherals, platforms, and hardware to guarantee that your product performs over a wide range of technical specifications.
  • A/B Testing: We perform the A/B testing consistently to continually improve a given experience. Our A/B testing process starts with collecting data and identifying goals, then generating hypotheses, creating variations, running experiments, and finally analyzing the best result.
  • Functionality Testing: Our functional testing services deal with the functionality of the application and its relationship with users. Along with testing the functionalities of the system, we cover other essential aspects such as basic usability, accessibility, and much more.