Mobile App Testing


Nowadays, mobile apps have become the mainstay of businesses as they connect them with customers and assure experiences that drive conversions. Therefore, building a user-friendly mobile application is very crucial for the success of any business. In order to retain the users, these apps should be flawless and deliver top class user experiences as well. As a result of which, mobile testing is essential for both enterprise apps and customer facing apps as well to ensure that they are bug-free, fully-functional, device-compatible, and excel in terms of performance as well. CycloneWebz offers mobile testing services to ensure that your application looks and functions seamlessly across various mobile platforms. We help the businesses to improve user engagement by performance testing, achieving continuous testing, and ensuring receptivity, interactivity and quality optimization.

Our Mobile App Testing Services

  • Mobile Functional Testing: If any app keeps on crashing or fails to work as expected, the users are not going to stay irrespective of the fact, how feature-rich or attractive it is. We deliver the functional testing services to make sure that your app, including its backend functionality, works flawlessly and exceeds the expectations of the users.
  • Mobile Usability Testing: Our testing experts make sure that your app has a user-friendly interface, while validating the key functions and input controls of the app and ensuring an engaging UX as well. We perform mobile usability testing to ensure that the product is easy-to-use for the target audience.
  • Mobile Performance Testing: Mobile apps may encounter issues, like weak signal, excess load, interference from other devices, etc and that’s why performance is a challenge for them. We identify bugs related to load, stress, scalability or reliability bugs that may hinder the performance of your app.
  • Mobile Compatibility Testing: We perform the mobile compatibility testing of your app to ensure that they work seamlessly on the target devices and the respective browsers and operating systems as well. We assure that your app delivers an impeccable UX regardless of device, browser, and OS.
  • Mobile Security Testing: Our testing experts perform penetration testing that simulates a hacking attack as a part of the test to ensure the mobile security. Our security testing team identifies security loopholes in the app and also provides relevant recommendations for patching them.
  • Mobile Test Automation: We provide mobile automation testing by applying a data-driven and keyword-driven approach to test automation for performance, functional, and regression testing and for the backend testing as well.