Performance Testing


For the success of any business reliable and consistent performance of business systems and applications is very important. However, in the real-life scenarios, the performance issues are often identified in real-life scenarios. These performance issues can cause poor user experiences and even damage the reputation of the business. Our performance testing services ensure that an application performs at the highest performance and scalability levels even under peak loads. At CycloneWebz, we help the businesses to predict the application performance and behavior in a simulated environment. Our testing experts ensure that the applications are scalable, reliable, and responsive enough to run flawlessly even on peak load days and can also scale to future events such as product releases, new clients, business growth, and regulatory changes. We offer a wide range of performance testing services with tests for system response time, Memory usage, CPU usage, API speed, and other performance parameters. We extend reliable performance testing services for predicting application behavior under normal and anticipated peak load conditions.

Our Performance Testing Services

  • Load Testing: We perform the load testing to check the behavior of the applications under a set of anticipated load variations that helps in the identification of the number of connections it can handle while delivering a specific response time. Further, our experts also detect the system bottlenecks and find out the system element which is causing them.
  • Scalability Testing: Our scalability testing service measures the capability of the system to scale as additional load is applied to it. We help the businesses to find the point where the system stops scaling and also detect the reasons for it. With the result of scalability testing, you can plan for the future growth and prevent over-investment in hardware.
  • Stress Testing: Our team carries out the stress testing service to assess the maximum operating capacity the application is capable of handling in terms of extreme load. We analyze whether it can be performed adequately if the current load exceeds the expected maximum so that you can be ready for the potential outrages.
  • Stability Testing: Along with load, stress, and scalability testing, we offer stability testing in our performance testing services. Our scalability testing services ensure whether the application is stable over an extended span of time, including 24/7 operation. This helps the businesses in the evaluation of downtime risk and planning maintenance activities.